Climate talks: CO2 replaced by more friendly CO3

Paris (dpo) – As German newspaper “Der Postillon” just reported in this article, more than 130 heads of state decided at the UN climate summit in Paris today agreed to replace CO2, the gas that is in big parts responsible for the greenhouse effect. It shall be successed as a combustion product by the newly developed CO3.

CO2 was invented by MIT researchers in the 1940s to cover the increased demand for fumes during the second world war. Its predecessor, CO1 had become too expensive and ineffective. In the development of CO3, again it was researchers from the MIT to reach a breakthrough. According to its inventors, CO3 can reduce the greenhouse effect by around 87%. CO3 will be available in most countries in the world until March 2016. By 2017, all motors, chimneys and other exhaust gas related machinery is required to switch to 2016.


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