UN climate summit renamed to “COACOUENCMS21”

Paris (bop) – Accompanied with hope from all over the world, the UN climate summit, the twenty-first “Conference of Parties” (COP21) had commenced last week. There seems to be at least one agreement on the table now – a procedural amendment. With a surprisingly great majority of 78% all members of the conference, which originated in the Kyoto Protocol of 1992, decided to rename the event.

From now on it will be called the “Conference of a collection of uncoordinated, egoistic, non-communicative member states”, or short: COACOUENCMS21. Observers generally show themselves happy about this decision as it represents the political realities much better. The chief negotiator for Saudi Arabia was even quoted: “This decision is a milestone in the history of the conference. Now we don´t have to pretend to be active participants anymore and evoke wrong expectations.” The long acronym will also help the corporate sponsors to keep unwanted critical media coverage on a manageable level.



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