#3 Inside COP21 – Selina from the Marshall islands reports

A sort extract from a scene today 

Diplomatic relations in action? Hmmmm.

A certain minister from a certain country came over to greet my minister. Then I noticed there was a camera man. I wondered why a camera man was allowed inside this room when they are usually not allowed. Later, I realized why.

On twitter, a picture was posted of my minister and this certain minister. The certain minister is catching up with my minister and are having a good time.

This certain minister also happened to have not said a good thing about the Marshall Islands.

How…… Hmmmm….

Aside from this cunning tactic, the Minister and I went into the Plenary Hall where all the countries have gathered together to get an update on all the four different groups discussions. Mr. deBrum beckoned me to sit next to him. Oh goodness, the seat next to him intimidated me on a whole another level. I declined continuously until I finally gave in.

Then, I looked around. I had only seen this in television. I really, really could not control the smile on my face. Suddenly the Minister exclaimed “YES” with his right fist raised up. I jumped on my seat as I was very surprised. I turned to him with a bewildered look on my face. Then I looked up to the big TV screen hanging off the roof, one of the representatives from Sweden, who was one of the facilitators for the Adaptation group, was reporting the results from the discussions in the group and she had mentioned support for 1.5°C.



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