Do you have hope for the agreement? – the opinion of three delegates

Red badge, run. With this tactics we managed to spot a few negotiates today at the green zone in Le Bourget and get their opinion on the ongoing negotiations. Because a red badge indicates that you are allowed t go into the negotiations and that you are allowed to speak.

A loud laugh and a loud no was what we got when we asked the first delegate, from Burkina Faso, about an agreement has a maximum of 1.5°C global warming as a goal. But that did not prevent him from being very positive about the ongoing negotiations. He added that although he does not believe into the 1.5°C anymore, he thinks that we are on a good way of getting an agreement about 2°C. Then he smiled and admitted that that does not mean that issues like the financing is solved.

“We will fight till the end for 1.5°C”, she said. She was a delegate from Vanuatu and although we only talked to her for a very short time, one thing got very clear: the Pacific Island states are not giving up, they will fight till the end for an agreement that includes 1.5°C.

Not giving up was not something you could say about the last delegate we talked to. The French delegate had just come out of a 8 hour long negotiation about only a comma. While he believed that there was not going to be a meaningful agreement achieved after the end of this week, his hope for the future lay more in the civil society movements that are happening outside the conferences and negotiations. “But actually that all does not matter, because what ever comes out of this COP they are going to make it look like a big success in the end”, he ended the conversation.



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