Oil Watch Africa – Climate Action Zone

Today in the Climate Action Zone, The Centquatre, Paris, we met one of the speaker from Nigeria who gave an astonishing speech during UWC Robert World College’s Opening Ceremony last year, Nnimmo Bassey. He moderated a presentation that followed by interactive interview called ‘Oil Watch Africa’ related with the COP21 in Paris.

For the first 5 minutes, he explained about what is happening now in Africa and how they suffer from oil mining. He gave a brief information about what have they done to fight destruction of Africa, stand against oil-extractionism by standing together against profit oriented business who do not look after the environment, and government itself who does not really seem to save their people and their land. The lack of decisions and actions that lead to crimes against nature create the unfair effects between the people who have authorities and people who directly affected by the wastes of the oil industries.

Nnimmo Bassey

“Leave the oil in the soil, leave the coal in the hole”

The presentation then still be moderated by Nnimmo Bassey but there were more speakers represented their home country. One of them was a representative of South Africa who explained about how they want to change both climate change and the system that creates climate change. He stated that the solution of this problem lies on every single person in the world and does not depend on some particular groups or government. He also explained what the things that COP can and cannot change, responsibility of the developed countries, and some solution that maybe/not effective to solve climate change issues. “COP is talking about business on usual”, one of his strong argument why South Africa does and should not trust government.

Another speaker comes from Uganda who explained how Lake Chad changes from eighteen century until now and how the small community help and stand together against government to take the real actions against climate change. A man from Mozambique also spoke about how the coal industries take their resources and create lots of negative externalities to Mozambique’s environment. “Our condition is not as bad as Nigeria yet, but we are getting there if less and less people care about the impact of the mining” he stated. There, governments know what is going on but go down that road anyway. The only things that local people have done there was they blocked the way where the coal are transported so there are no coal can go outside of that region.

Representative of Mozambique and Uganda

Nowhere to Run documentary movie

”Nowhere to Run” documentary movie.

They finished the presentation with watched a short clip of their Documentary movie called “Nowhere to Run.” The movie talks about people’s reactions toward the effects of mining industries in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. “The aim of this movie is to raise awareness to the people who always think that climate change has a small impact, but actually it does take our live there,” Nnimmo said. However, the movie has not available yet in any internet sources until the beginning of next year.


Dea – Indonesia



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