Never trust a COP – the powerful opponents of a deal in Paris

Civil society, NGOs, politicians, even business – everybody seems to push for a binding agreement at COP21. So who is the powerful lobby that has managed to detain every meaningful deal so far?

  1. The Republican Party of the U.S.A.donaldAn astonishing number of people in the most important stronghold of climate skepticism, the U.S.A., still reject climate change. This has to do with the political ideology of the Republican Party and its underlying libertarien philosophical framework which dismisses any kind of government intervention. Acknowledging climate change would most probably go along with the recognizing the need for massive government intervention worldwide to fix it – a contradiction that a seasoned Republican can not bare.

2. Oil companies Oiiil.jpg

As emails reveal, big oil companies like Exxon mobil know about climate change since the 1980s, but decided to retain their fossil fuel based business model. Up to date, they fund an enormous army of lobbyists, journalists and scientists to denounce climate regulations. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the longer they hold onto their views, the harder it is for them to adjust their business plans. In the end, climate change will also mean the termination of oil business. But for now, there is still too much money involved.

Money Exxon Mobil spends on exploration YEARLY: 36.5 billion US$

Green climate fund: 10.2 billion US$ BY 2015

3. OPEC & Russia


OPEC is the organization of the oil-exporting nations Algeria, Angola, Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ecuador and Venzuela. Russia is likewise dependent on its oil- and gas-exports.

At COP21 in Paris, these countries are the likeliest candidates to distort the negatiations. Similar to the oil companies, their dependency on revenue from selling fossil fuels might hinder them from supporting ambitious commitments.






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