Humans of COP21


I think that Climate Change is a symptom of the inequality and essentially the product of mistakes, that we as humans have made. To think about how these mistakes, whether it is capitalism or patriarchy, manifest in your own life is a way to engage with what is wrong. Grounding your motivation to change something in what is at stake for you personally and recognizing that everything is at stake and everything must be changed, gives you the means to see what is it that you want to hold onto and fight for.

– Kate, Brooklyn New York (US)

IMG_0063Change can happen, but only if we work together as a community. We as people can not only change how we treat our environment and animals, but we can also change things on a governmental level. Although we are being confronted with different cultures and values, I think as a global society we have to work towards protecting the weakest members of society.

– Paul, France


IMG_0066.jpgActing now is important, because our children deserve a good future.

-Chloé, Paris

IMG_0068I hope that we can define a goal or target, that helps us reach the 2°C goal in the next 30 years. I would like to see the different parties recognizing the challenge, which we are facing, the opportunity COP21 is, the need to act now and to define a solution for our global community. I want people to include and think about all the different aspects of climate change and the consequences of them. Many people do not realize, that climate change plays a role or is the cause of other severe issues we are facing at the moment, such as the “refugee crisis” as well as rising poverty. For example, Syria has suffered a lot of droughts, which also contributed to the problems we are facing right now.

– Alexandra, Switzerland / Peru

IMG_0071We need to teach our children a language of peace and equality.

– Isabelle and Dominique, Paris

PC: Andrés Sánchez

Post by Lea Seitter


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