Green Activist?

You claim you care about the world, don’t you?

You went to the well-known coffee shop every Sunday morning

Wearing your new branded shirt that you buy once a month at a good discount price

There’s a pin on your collar. Look! “Climate activist”

They said it’s a trend

“No it isn’t! It’s a real movement for the better world” you said


Yeah, movement for the better trend to become an activist


You open your diary that you don’t even know whether the raw trees are legal or not

A sticker on your book cover “Save the trees!”

Then you open your monthly planner, different book

Then your sticky notes, a pack of it with 5 different colors

Then your bookmarks

Your pencil case made of wood so it matches with your fancy pencils and wood ruler


Yeah, save the trees!


You open your laptop

Open your “Green Blog” with “Green Personal Response” based on “Green Articles” in the “Green News website”

Oh shoot! You forget to order your favorite Green Tea Crème Frappuccino

Then you wonder where the raw green tea come from? Does it affect or affected by climate change? How about the tea farmers? Government policies toward production of tea? Import or export? Tea waste?

But your ‘Green Frappuccino’ comes, your thought doesn’t matter anymore

and you take a picture then post it on your “Green-stagram”

#GreenSBUX #GoGreen #SavetheWorld #GreenActivist


Yeah, green hashtags.


After 3 hours you spend your time there, you feel tired

And little bit proud of yourself who have posted 3 entries for your blog

1 green-stagram photos

4 articles you share on your Facebook

2 environmental channels you subscribe on YouTube

5 paid-volunteers program you did research on and might join them in your summer holiday

And you decide to go to the cashier

And you refuse the 50 cents donation program to #Savetheworld because people won’t know it; just a cashier-man and you

So you get extra 50 cents to buy another green sticker for your monthly planner book that you’ll bring tomorrow to school

So then you can take another picture that you’ll post on your green-stagram

So people know that you are a “Green Activist”

And you feel proud of yourself.


Text and Illustration by Dea from Indonesia


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