The power of individuals

The world in general, and the western society in particular, has begun to follow real democratic policies, which allow the people to control themselves with a concept of power given to individuals, or what is called “agency”. We may think that most people are aware of that, but in reality we will find that there’s only a minority who are actually asking freely for their rights, because of a lack of awareness or because of oppressive policies implemented by the regime of the country.

However when we talk today about the sustainable and safe future for the coming generations we have to confess that this right should be given to every nation. Nevertheless, the real problem here are individuals that are not using their power to pressure on the governments as much as they could, or should. We are hearing about small marches against the climate change here and there but that’s not enough to convince the governments to make sacrifices that would achieve this aim.

Each and every one of you can bring change because by simply asking for your legal rights which the governments are not capable of refusing to give to you. Additionally, there are always elections when the population as a whole can decide that this regime is not pleasing anymore and kick it out of the control, and that’s how personal agency can easily reshape the structure of a nation.  That returning the power to the people as it supposed to be, so please do not think that you an individual don’t have a lot to do with international crises such as the climate change, you can simply shape country’s opinion but you should first be aware of your rights and ask for it.

My message for all the nations: fight against climate change!




(Picture taken from Wikipedia)


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