If not us then who?

I am sitting in the common room with unstable almost-none-existing internet connection of a Greek style hostel in the heart of Paris. Written in the board of this room, it is the schedule of an unknown group of hostel mates that are here for the same reason as us: COP21. In several days as part of their daily activities, is one question that easily reminds me of us, the privileged youth of this planet: If not us, then who?

We are the lucky ones. The ones that even with a deficient access to internet connection can immediately get information. About our countries. About the world. About any political, social and environmental issue and straight spread the word. We are the ones who feel that have a voice and therefore at least someone is going to hear it.

We are those who can choose. Maybe not the place we were raised and called home and the group of individuals we call ´family´ and ´friends´ (we may had a bigger chance to decide about the last ones). Neither our gender, culture, economical background nor religion, but we can decide about our future planet. For all the ones who had even less opportunities than us to choose: no food, no house, no safe place to stay and no education.  For all the ones who our global decisions (because even ignoring the reality is a decision) and comfortable life style took away from them their clean water, now polluted with arsenic in Bangladesh and a house, before the mine collapse disappear it in less the five minutes what maybe took for them their whole life to build in Brazil or by being constantly flooded in the Marshall Islands. Should I give more examples?

So this is how things are now. A big group of this large set of people we call humanity had no chance at all to choose and decide about how to live their lives, the human rights they should have, the proper conditions they deserve to live and a safe planet that would not make them feel is against them. But we also exist, those with small changes in our lifestyle and consumer behavior can make a difference. Even with joining, supporting or spreading any initiative that may contribute, in some extent, to build a safer, cleaner and fairer planet. So what are we waiting for?

This is the exact moment when I remind the Incubus song ´If not now, when?´ and confirm (at least to myself) that this is the right time to be part of the ones who would deny the responsibility they have and indeed do something.



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