Update: 5th of December

Obama receiving support: 

After the republican-dominated US Congress attempted to reduce Obama’s legitimacy in Paris by refusing to pass a bill that would limit nuclear emissions in factories, the democrats have responded in support. Ten democratic senators showed up in Paris, pledging to support Obama’s climate action policies, and promising they will fight for climate reform in Congress. Neat, huh?

Arguments over finances, again:

The Kyoto Protocol promoted the concept of “common but differentiated responsibility”, which would ensure that each of the countries present at the negotiation table would contribute to the best of their ability (taking into account, obviously, their economic capacity and technological prowess). This translated into a deal where developed, rich countries would help financing climate change action, while developing economies (including, by the way, the People’s Republic of China) would be seen as absolved from any commitment to pay up. The negotiations now strive to include developing nations that have growing economies into the category of potential donors. Some of these countries are not fans of the idea of equalizing roles between rich and poor countries. Let’s see if they can agree on the text.

Time pressure:

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. France is counting on getting a draft agreement finalized by the end of today, in order to have ample time to discuss all of the problematic wording and get to a compromise before the end of the conference. Copenhagen seems to haunt the minds of many of the ministers present at the negotiations, so they feel the need to get substantial stuff done as soon as possible. Will they beat the clock?




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