The real victim: The developing countries situation

The developing countries have a very weak situation in the climate change negotiations this year within COP21. The real threats that they are facing are a weak economy as a result of losing sank lands, losing properties because of floods and storms and losing most of their agricultural lands as a result of the desertification. All of these reasons are pushing them towards achieving a very ambitious agreement in order to stop creating these difficulties, which there infrastructures are not good enough to face.

However, the problem is that the developed countries are still expecting the developing countries to contribute to the required funds to stop the climate change, which is putting the developing countries between a rock and a hard place, or in other words, in a very difficult situation. Because in front of the world the developed countries will seem to have the flexibility to reach an agreement, but actually they are asking for something almost impossible.

Why is it impossible?

From a logical perspective, they are called “developing” countries which means that they still have a long way until reaching the progress which will enable them to contribute to international funds. They also face the real and current climate change effects which keep exhausting their economies and make them even poorer.

All the statistics are saying that the developed countries such as China and the USA are the main contributors of raising carbon emissions in general but on the other hand, about 50 poor country contribute about 1% of the carbon emission in the same time that China alone is contributing nearly 20% of the carbon emissions per year.

All of these elements are putting the developed countries in a higher and stronger position, thus allowing them to control the decision, and the poorer countries most likely will have to agree. The reason for that is that if all the negotiations fail, the only winners will be the developed countries, which will just keep pumping up the carbon into the atmosphere.

Therefore, I wish for a compromise that can be applied in the reality with fair principles.

By: Mario Wahba


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