Action against Climate Change can’t be fun? Yes it can!

When we talk about climate change and sustainability we tend to think of something important but also of something inconvenient and something that can not possibly be fun.

Well, that is not really true. Just today I received proof that acting against climate change can actually be fun and motivating instead of boring and frustrating. Today, six students from our college went to the Village of Alternatives in Montreuil, right outside of Paris.

The Village of alternatives is a place for all kinds of different organisations, artist and movements around the topic of climate change and the protection of the environment. But they do not only meet there! They also try to spread their message through all kinds of different forms of protest, through theatre, through art and of course also through the obligatory flyers and information-sheets, of which I probably had 100 in my backpack in the end.

But what was so fascinating that whatever the people were exactly fighting for and whatever way they were fighting for it, was the incredible motivation and energy they had. An energy that made you hope for a better future and that gave you the impression that we actually have a change to win against climate change. An energy that manages to connect many different groups from all over the world to fight together for one aim.

An energy that made you dance along with the people and made you almost cry together with others.

Additionally, the difference in the ideas the people had and the different ways they expressed them were really fascinating. Whether there were artworks that showed the statue of liberty as the statue of liberty to pollute or they moved around and showed a short theatre peace about fossil fuels or played music, all of them showed how amazingly creative the fight against climate change can actually be. And how motivating this is.

So thank you for all the people that took part in the Village of Alternatives today! You were a great motivation.




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