21Pac – Changes (Paris version)

Wake up in the morning and I ask myself/

Goddamn weather, should I blast myself?/

I´m tired of being tricked by politics/

Are we really waiting for a God to fix this/

The world gives a damn about global warming/

People, it is time for a hopeful warning:/

Continue to act, like who the hell cares/

Then guess what´s at stake – including your welfare/

But there is hope: Paris, binding agreement/

So let´s urge our leaders to sign an agreement/

Because we believe that future generations deserve/

What we take for granted – a life on earth/

We got love from our mother, but we can never go nowhere/

Unless we share with each other/

We gotta start making changes/

Learn to see ouselves as part of mother nature/

And that´s how it´s supposed to be/

How can Shell spill oil so close to me?/

I´d love to go back and play with the fish/

But things have changed, and that´s the way it is.


I see no changes, all I see is fascist hatred/

Payed by fossil fuel burning “patriots”/

But I wonder, I wonder, what it takes to make this/

One better place, let´s erase the waste, it/

Gets dumped in Ghana, day-to-day basis/

Politicians respond with everyday phrases/

And the only time we chill is when we kill each other/

Through CO2-emission that cause real Wahalla/

And although it seems heaven sent/

We ain´t ready to see a green president/

It ain´t a secret to conceal the fact/

That everyday pollution´s taking people´s breath/

But some things will never change/

Try to show another way, but your stayin´ in the coal game/

Now tell me what´s a mother to do/

Who´s every second bleeding her blood for you/

“We had some growth today”, But you made it in a lousy way/

Sellin´ resources, kid, “I gotta get paid”,

Well hey, well that´s the way it is


We gotta make a change

It´s time for us people to start makin´ some changes./

Let´s change the way we eat meat, let´s change the way we live/

And let´s change the way we treat each other/

You see the old way wasn´t working so it´s on us to do/

What we gotta do to survive/

And still I see no changes can´t our mother get a little peace/

Tarsands in Alberta, Oil wars in the middle east/

Instead of war on meat they got a war on terror/

So the police can bother me/

We commit crimes all day we don´t have to do/

But now we are back and we finally speak the truth/

Don´t let ´em jack you up, back you up/

Crack you up and pimp smack you up/

You gotta learn to control your own/

Be conscious ´bout the parts of your mobile phone/

But tell the COP that we have to act, it´s/

Already late, no theory, we need practice/

That´s the sound of the youth, you say it ain´t cool/

Our mums didn´t raise no fools/

And as long as we stay affected, we gotta stay strapped/

And we never get to lay back/

Poor countries got to worry ´bout the pay backs/

Some bucks Germany roughed up way back/

Comin´ back after all these years/

That´s the way it is.




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